Pink Brass

Composed of Copper and Zinc, Brass has healing properties from both metals. Brass takes on different colors depending on the percentage of each metal. See the copper page for the healing benefits.

Brass has healing properties to boost the immune system and to give courage. Repeated wearing of brass jewelry pieces will cause them to take on your own body chemistry revealing your personal energy signature.

Zinc Healing Properties

Zinc promotes the development of intelligence, abstract thinking. It helps with exhaustion, weakness, loss of courage and fearfulness, restlessness, sleep disturbance, particularly with loss of sleep due to too many ideas and thoughts running through the mind. Zinc encourages spontaneity and intuition.

Spiritual Zinc indicates great changes in your life. It breaks up outworn structures and helps use these upheavals in a meaningful way for creating better circumstances in our life. It brings idealism and intensifies our lives. Zinc encourages the ability to communicate.

Physical Zinc activates all kinds of different hormones and enzymes. It enhances the effect of insulin and helps with diabetes, supports the immune system and promotes production of growth hormones and sex hormones. The function of the male sexual organs, formation of seminal vesicles, is stimulated. Prostrate disorders and problems with the ovaries are improved. Zinc also regulates the development of the brain and sensory perception. It is extremely important for the retina as well as for the senses of taste and smell. It encourages regeneration and healing of wounds, bone formation and toughening of the outer layer of skin, hair and nails. Zinc protects the organism against harmful substances and radiation.

We offer one type of Brass: Pink Brass Shavings. Pink Brass isn’t a technical term, but one I gave this particular type of brass. It has a higher percentage of copper so the brass looks more pink/brown than gold/yellow. It turns a pinkish brown in the resin and looks great in pendants as well as any layer of the pyramid.