Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier & cleanser. Simply placing a Calcite crystal in a room can clear stagnant & negative energies as well as heighten your own energy.  Other Calcite metaphysical healing properties include:

Yellow Calcite

  • facilitates higher awareness & psychic abilities, channeling & out of body experiences
  • cleanses your physical & subtle bodies
  • speeds up spiritual development &growth
  • connects your emotions with your intellect
  • helps you if you have lost hope
  • instills motivation, helping with laziness & procrastination
  • makes you feel energized
  • calms your mind, alleviates stress & brings serenity
  • stimulates insights and boosts your memory – useful stone for study as it helps you to remember what’s important
  • helps you to act on your ideas
  • helps you to trust yourself
  • gives you the strength to overcome obstacles
  • cleanses & balances all of your Chakras
  • cleanses the organs of elimination

    Blue Calcite – Raw

  • helps your body to assimilate calcium but also helps to dissolve calcifications
  • strengthens joints & bones
  • alleviates intestinal & skin conditions
  • stimulates blood clotting & tissue healing
  • strengthens your immune system
  • encourages growth in small children

    Orange Calcite