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Authentic Orgone Pyramids & Pendants

Handmade in the USA

Why Orgone? Why Us?


High Vibrational Frequencies

Pressurizing crystals & metals in Resin raises the vibrational frequency of the the whole! Crystals & metals have their own high frequencies. Layer them together inside resin and raise it even more.

The pyramid shape has an intense vibration which flows out the top (search Kirlian Photography with pyramids). When placing crystals & metals inside a pyramid shape, you get massive amounts of positive energy!


Protect Yourself & Family

High Vibrational Frequencies are used as a spiritual protector. Depending on the types of crystals you use, your home and family can be better protected from harmful, unseen energies. For higher spiritual protection, pair with aluminum metal.

In addition, many crystals have physical healing benefits. Search out the crystals that will help you and your family and look for them in our products. For additional healing benefits, pair with copper metal.


Genuine & Authentic

Not everything you buy on the internet is made from quality materials. When it comes to crystals, make sure you know you can trust the source. Orgone pendants and pyramids are found for sale for cheap on many websites. Most are created in mass in China. Don't trust those sources to sell high quality crystals and fashion their products according to the principles of true OrgoniteTM.


Reduce Risk of EMF

Electromagnetic Frequencies are damaging to the environment and our bodies. Many crystals help block or absorb EMF frequencies around us. Place them in areas such as near your TV, Internet box, Microwave, Phones, etc., to help keep your family safer.

Search for products containing Shungite as these are specifically EMF absorbers. Other crystals that help with blocking EMF include, but are not limited to, Prehnite, Lapis Lazuli & Tigers Eye.

Happy Customers

Equilateral 7 Chakra Pyramid

Nubian Pyramid w/ Various Crystals

Wire-Wrapped Selenite Rectangle Pendant

Petite Collection w/Apatite & Copper

Petite Collection w/Rhodonite, Mini Pyramids

Metatron's Cube Sacred Geometry w/7 Chakra Stones

Elements Collection - Spirit Element w/Angelite Stones

Elements Collection - Air Element w/Moonstone

Custom Dodecagon Pendant - Various Crystals w/Copper

Custom Pentagonal Pyramid w/Customer's Own Iolite Sphere

Set of 7 Pyramids - One for Each of the Main Chakras

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orgone?

Orgone (or *OrgoniteTM) is the process of layering organic & inorganic materials inside of resin. When the resin cures it also shrinks, putting pressure on the contents (in our case, crystals and metals), and raises the vibrational frequency of the whole.

What Crystals & Stones Do You Use?

We have about 80 different crystals & stones available in stock. If you see a certain crystal in one of our pendants, then we can add it to your custom pendant. Likewise with the pyramids. Keep in mind, sometimes certain crystals or stones are unavailable (we run out and don't have a good source that has them in stock). If this is the case, we will contact you for alternatives.

What Metals Do You Use?

For our pendants, we usually use Copper for its physical healing benefits or Aluminum for its spiritual protection. We also have used Pink Brass (we are almost out and may be a while before we get it back in stock) and just started using Manganese. Manganese is a purple-colored mineral that helps the physical body as well as enhances positivity and creativity.

For our pyramids, we have more surface space to play with, it gives us the ability to use different kinds of metals including aluminum shavings, steel shavings & stainless steel in addition to the ones we mentioned above.

Do You Make Custom Pieces?

Yes, we are happy to make custom pendants or pyramids for you. Use the form at the bottom of the page to request a custom piece. We will contact you for further information and for pricing. Custom piece lead times range from 1 week for pendants to 3 weeks for pyramids.

Are Your Products Really Handmade?

Yes! Every single one! We handmake every pendant and pyramid we sell. Sometimes we even shave the metals ourselves in the case of Aluminum and Steel shavings for our pyramids.

When we first wanted to sell orgone products we searched to find authentic products from mass suppliers. Unfortunately, suppliers couldn't be trusted to use actual crystals and the amounts they put in their products was not near enough to actually call their product orgonite. So, we learned how to make true orgone pendants and pyramids ourselves. Thus, we control the quality that goes into every piece.

Do You Sell Locally?

Yes, most of our sales come from our presence at local Utah healing conferences. Photos just don't do justice for our beautiful products. Plus, most of our one-of-a-kind products aren't shown for sale on this website. If you are looking for something specific, use the form below to see if we have what you are looking for in stock. If not, we are happy to custom create it for you.

If you live in Northern Utah, contact us and schedule a time to come over a look at our inventory in person. We would love to meet you in person!

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

On our website, we accept credit/debit cards and ACH draft through our payment processor. We also accept Venmo (@HiVibesCollective).

In person, we accept credit/debit cards, Venmo & Cash.

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