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Covid-19 Update: Please allow extra time for shipping.

Archimedean Spiral

Archimedean SpiralNamed for Archimedes of Syracuse, the idea of the Archimedean Spiral is very simple. Think of a rug being rolled up around a central post, one layer atop the next. This happens when you coil a rope, when you roll up paper towels, or any of a hundred other everyday things. However, while this spiral pattern has its practical uses (as most examples of sacred geometry do), it also represents a kind of nesting pattern; a layering of truths and discovery that is also seen in other symbols like Metatron's Cube.

Like many important symbols, the Archimedean Spiral may be used to represent steps along a journey. Each step builds upon the last step as you go a little further, learn a little more, and understand a little deeper. The pursuit of the center of the spiral, and the knowledge that lies within it, can be helpful. It is not unlike those who move through the chakras to understand their inner selves and potential, or those who go through the different stations of the tree of life in order to unlock the wisdom found within. These different shapes speak to different people, acting as everyday metaphors we can use to grasp the intricacies of that secret world all around us.

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