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Covid-19 Update: Please allow extra time for shipping.
Covid-19 Update: Please allow extra time for shipping.


Jade is a symbol of purity & serenity and has a very protective vibration. Jade is very prized in Eastern countries as it signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility.  Its other properties include:

  • resonates with your Heart Chakra
  • increases love & nurturing
  • very protective, keeping the wearer from harm
  • brings harmony
  • attracts good luck & friendship
  • stabilizes your personality & integrates the mind with the body
  • helps you to be self-sufficient
  • releases negative thoughts & soothes your mind
  • stimulates ideas & makes tasks seem less complex so that you want to act upon them immediately instead of procrastinating
  • brings insightful dreams if placed on your forehead
  • aids emotional release, especially if you feel irritable
  • encourages you to become who you really are - helps you to recognize yourself as a spiritual being on a human journey & awakens hidden knowledge to help you along the way
  • a very cleansing stone - aids the body's filtration & elimination organs - excellent for the kidneys
  • treats the adrenal glands, removes toxins, rebinds cellular & skeletal systems
  • helps to heal stitches
  • assists fertility & childbirth
  • works on the hips & spleen
  • balances the body's fluids as well as water-salt & acid-alkaline ratios
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