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Covid-19 Update: Please allow extra time for shipping.


Topaz is a mellow, empathetic crystal that directs healing energy to where it's needed most. Other emotional & physical meanings of Topaz include:

  • soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges & aligns the energetic meridians of your body
  • promotes truth & forgiveness
  • helps illuminate your path in life & how to tap into your inner resources & riches
  • brings about a trust in a loving Universe that enables you to be yourself, cutting through doubt & uncertainty
  • brings joy, generosity, abundance & good health
  • traditionally known as a stone of love & good fortune
  • helps you to successfully achieve your goals
  • extremely supportive for affirmations & manifestation, as well as visualization
  • excellent for cleaning your aura
  • relaxing, releases tension at any level
  • helps you to feel confident & philanthropic, wanting to share your good fortune
  • promotes openness & honesty, self-realization, self-control & the desire to develop inner wisdom
  • helps with problem-solving
  • excellent emotional support, stabilizing your emotions so that you can be receptive to love
  • aids digestion & combats anorexia
  • fortifies the nerves
  • stimulates metabolism

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