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Covid-19 Update: Please allow extra time for shipping.

Vesica Piscis

If you're a student of astrology, then you're familiar with the Piscis birth sign (the fish, for those who are just casual horoscope readers). Aside from sharing a word, the Vesica Piscis has nothing to do with astrology, but it is a common term used when discussing sacred geometry.

The short explanation, according to Gaia, is that a Vesica Piscis is a place where two circles cross. You draw one circle, and then you draw a second with a starting point on the circumference of the original circle. This creates a third, shared space between the two circles referred to as the "bladder of the fish," and it is seen as a crossing over of two opposites, and the womb of creation for new energies, thoughts, and ideas. This symbol is often thought of as a Venn Diagram, but it also appears in the construction of other symbols like the Flower of Life. It's also been likened to the womb, making it a distinctly feminine symbol associated with birth and creativity.

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