Feldspar is a group of minerals containing potassium, sodium, calcium and aluminum silicates. Feldspar was given its name by Johan Gottschalk Wallerius in 1747. The name feldspar is derived from German “feld,” meaning “field” because some early specimens were found in fields and “spar, ” a geological term for non-metallic minerals with a vitreous luster and good cleavage.

Individual gemstones with the feldspar name now in the marketplace include:

  • Grey feldspar is a striking blend of grey and tan shades with black inclusions


  • Pink feldspar has distinct, marbled patterns of mauve, cream, grey and black tones
  • Graphic feldspar boasts a marbled appearance with varied black, grey and occasional brown translucent inclusions set in creamy tan stone
  • Brown feldspar has a marbled surface with tan and brown tones
  • Black spotted feldspar has a grey surface with black spots

Feldspar is an important and common raw material used to produce ceramics and geopolymers. Feldspar is also often used as an anti-caking agent in powdered forms of non-dairy creamer. Feldspar is an important ingredient in the manufacturing of glass. The alkali content in feldspar acts as a flux, lowering the glass batch melting temperature and reducing production costs.


Feldspar Metaphysical Properties

Feldspar is believed by metaphysical adherents to be a gemstone of creativity. Feldspar helps with finding unconventional and exciting ways to achieve goals by stimulating creative thinking. Feldspar increases your self-respect, self-esteem and self-awareness.

Feldspar is believed to help to align our chakras, subtle bodies and meridians and is good for astral travel. Feldspar is associated with the astrological sign of Aquarius.