The Flower of Life is a complex symbol that’s made of overlapping circles arranged in a flower like pattern. This symbol is ancient, appearing on the walls of shrines in India, on ancient Egyptian tombs, found throughout Greece, and it has been studied for centuries by people looking to understand the balance and perfection the design represents. Some hold that it prescribes certain forms of meditation, or that it holds a kind of Akashic Record that contains all the knowledge of the universe held in a simple, elegant, perfectly balanced code.


Like Metatron’s Cube, this symbol has been found in places dedicated to spirituality and contemplation. It’s been associated with the setup and design of Stonehenge, showing that the regular, even spacing of the circles can keep precise time for celestial events. While there are dozens of cultures associated with this symbol, each of them had their own unique take and twist on what it meant, and how it could be applied to one’s daily life.