Jasper is known as the “Supreme Nurturer”.  It helps to sustain and support you during times of stress.  Other healing properties of Jasper stones include:

  • bestows tranquility and wholeness

    Red Jasper

  • unifies all aspects of your life
  • reminds you to help others
  • facilitates shamanic journeys and dream recall
  • aligns physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm
  • provides protection and grounds energies and the body
  • cleanses and aligns the Chakras and aura
  • balances Yin and Yang
  • absorbs negative energy
  • clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation
  • aids dowsing
  • lends determination to all of your pursuits
  • gives you the courage to deal with problems assertively
  • encourages you to be honest with yourself
  • supports you during necessary conflict
  • aids quick thinking
  • promotes organizational abilities and seeing projects through to the end
  • Dalmatian Jasper

    stimulates the imagination and helps you to transform ideas into action

  • supports the circulatory, digestive and sexual organs
  • balances the mineral content of the body
  • said to prolong sexual pleasure
  • supports you during a long illness or period of hospitalization
  • re-energizes the body