Nephrite Jade is one of two types of Jade, the other being the more expensive Jadeite. The surface of Jadeite tends to be vitreous or glassy whereas Nephrite’s surface tends to appear waxy or greasy.

Nephrite Jade shows color variations of creamy white, slightly yellow, grey, green, and at times topaz, reddish & black.  Nephrite Jade is also called axe stone, kidney stone, tomb stone or grave stone.

Nephrite Jade Healing Properties

The vibration of Nephrite Jade boosts self-love & self-esteem.  Its other healing properties include:

  • assists in dream recall, interpretation & dream connection to ancient wisdom

    Nephrite Jade

  • excellent for bringing lucid dreams
  • balances yin & yang, male & female as well as personal partner energies
  • stabilizing & protective
  • brings balance to life
  • boosts self-love & self-esteem
  • attracts good fortune & prosperity
  • expands the subtle body, furthering your connection to universal energies
  • harmonizes the energy of the adrenals, thus reducing the effects of stress
  • helps to keep pets healthy & have long lives
  • good for lonely and/or shy children who have difficulty making friends
  • repels negativity – very protective for babies & women, especially new mothers & pregnant women
  • encourages growth in drought-ridden areas.
  • very gentle healing stone that amplifies the body’s natural ability to self-heal
  • stimulates white blood cell production & assists the immune system
  • balances the metabolism
  • good for arthritis, the bladder, blood-sugar imbalance, eyes, fluid retention kidneys, joint pain and stiffness & the lungs