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Covid-19 Update: Please allow extra time for shipping.
Covid-19 Update: Please allow extra time for shipping.

Tips For Creating A Great Orgonite Pyramid

A true Orgonite pyramid consists of three things: resin, organic material and  inorganic material. Organic material can be stones, crystals, flowers, or any other item created in nature. Inorganic material consists of any type of metal or combination of metals. Organic and inorganic materials are placed in alternating layers in the resin.

You can add other specialty items to your pyramid as long as the organic or inorganic material still alternates. Some of the additional items we offer are  opaque and transparent resin colors, wire-wrapped crystal quartz, wire spirals, Triskelions, imitation metal foil, etc.


Start creating your pyramid from the top down. You can create as little as 5 layers and as many as 12 layers. The top three layers offer specialty items and are based on the size of the specialty item. Choose only one specialty item within the top 3 layers. If the specialty item you want is in the second or third layer, make sure the layers above it are only clear or transparent-colored resin. Otherwise you won't be able to see the item from all sides.

Second To The Last Layer - This layer also has several specialty options. Since the bottom layer could potentially be layer 5 thru 12, depending on how tall you want your pyramid to be, the second-to-the last layer options could be placed in any of these layers. 

The second-to-the last layer would be the best layer to showcase these specialty items as long as the bottom layer is clear or transparent-colored resin.

You are also welcome to throw these specialty items in any layer you like, but keep in mind you may not be able to see it very well, if at all, between the other layers of stones and metal. Spirals and Sacred Geometry items such as Triskelions have power whether or not you can see them. 

Last Layer - If you chose a specialty item in the previous layer, make sure to only use clear or transparent-colored resin so your specialty item will show through the bottom of the pyramid.

The final layer, whether opaque or transparent-colored will be thinner than the other layers, just so that it doesn't overpower the main layers. To get an idea, check out some of our premade pyramids. 


When choosing the opaque or transparent colors for the resin, you can add notes to let us know how opaque or how transparent you want it. These colors are either in liquid or powder form and we can regulate how much we add. We will try to follow your instructions, but keep in mind, it might not be exactly how you picture it in your mind.

These pyramids are one of a kind. All the organic and inorganic materials we add are also one of a kind; different shapes, sizes and color. The colorings we add may not be exactly as pictured. Monitors are different and the amount of coloring we add is based on any requests and a little luck.


If you want to switch between specialty items on different layers, but the creator isn't cooperating, change the visible item to "No Design", then choose the specialty item you want. It should show up properly. If not, please contact us so we can help you or press the "reset" button to start fresh.

 If you want a certain look or something that you can't do with the creator, please contact us to discuss and make sure it is something we can do for you. You can also make notes to describe what you want. Add your phone number so we can call you and confirm your desires.

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