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Covid-19 Update: Please allow extra time for shipping.
Covid-19 Update: Please allow extra time for shipping.

Tetrahedron Dodecagon Orgone Pendant with Red Aventurine and Aluminum Shavings (D-0024)

$ 99.95
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This orgone pendant is a 12-sided Dodecagon Shape with the Tetrahedron Design, Red Aventurine and Aluminum Shavings.  Choose a Gold or Silver Design, Bail and  Chain.

  • The Tetrahedron’s key function is Manifestation. It’s the perfect Platonic Solid that can help you to create change in your life. It supports your personal power and acceptance of the old, so you can create something new. Since it’s also seen as the perfect symbol for balance and stability. Read more about the Tetrahedron.
  • Red Aventurine is a stone of passion, creativity, endurance, and success. Red Aventurine strengthens blood, circulation, immune system, speeds up metabolism, adjusts low blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, boosts physical energy, nervous system, cancer, hormone imbalances, and irregular heartbeat. Read more about the Aventurine.
  • Aluminum has a very calming effect on nervousness, fears and feelings of guilt. It encourages you to speak your truth and releases old outdated behavior patterns which no longer serve you. Aluminum helps with the loss of identity helping us to find ourselves again and who we really are as well as our life purpose. Read more about the Aluminum.
  • Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals and quartz that balances and harmonizes bio-energy, otherwise known as orgone, chi or prana. "Orgone is the light, universal energy that is present in everything, it's what stops decay and creates healing". Read more about orgone.
  • This pendant is approximately 1.2" in diameter and .5" thick. The snake chain is approximately 22-24 inches long. It weighs less than 1 ounce. It comes nicely packaged.
  • The crystals/stones/metals used in our handmade products are unique and different in shape and size. This means your pendant may look slightly different from the sample in the picture and may vary in size. As with all handmade items, these are individual and unique pieces which may have tiny imperfections or small bubbles (which do not detract from the effectiveness or beauty of the pendant). Embrace the individualism of these handmade items and know that your pendant is truly one of a kind.
  • Materials: Red Aventurine, Aluminum, Resin (Cadmium & Lead Free)
  • This item is handmade in Utah, USA. Please allow 2 weeks for creation and one week for processing & shipping to US addresses. Please allow longer shipping times for orders going outside the US.
  • If you like this item, but want to make changes, please try our "Design a Pendant" product which allows you to customize your pendant exactly how you choose.


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