Orgone Pyramids

Pyramidal energy is a success alternative healing mechanism with many purposes. It strengthens, heals faster, and eases pain for humans and animals. It helps keep food fresh and balances water for yourself and your garden. It softens the taste of coffee and tea.

Pyramid energy germinates seeds quicker. It also promotes the growth of microorganisms and bacteria which break up organic matter.

Much study has been done as to the energetic effects of pyramids. Use it to recharge when you feel exhausted, tune into our biological process, and as a tool to work with our subconscious and connect better to higher frequencies.

HiVibe Orgone Pyramids are perfect as gifts or to hoard all to yourself. They are great for home decor in addition to raising the vibrational frequency in your home as well as yourself, your pets, your plants and your home.

Choose from one of our styles, bring home a full set, or design your own, one-of-a-kind creation.

7 Chakra Layered Orgone Pyramid (PY-0025)-HiVibes Collective

Cheops Pyramids (Giza 8-Sided)

Small 7 Chakra Orgone Pyramid (Set of 7) (PY-34-40-Set)-HiVibes Collective

Pyramid Sets

Solar Plexus Chakra Orgone Pyramid (PY-0013)-HiVibes Collective

Equilateral Pyramids

Giza Heart Chakra Orgone Pyramid (PY-Giza-001)-HiVibes Collective

Cheops Pyramids (Giza)

Nubian Pyramid with Throat Chakra Orgone Pyramid (PY-Nubian-001)-HiVibes Collective

Nubian Pyramids

Pentagonal Orgone Pyramid (PY-Pentagon-001)-HiVibes Collective

Pentagonal Pyramids

Tetrahedron Orgone Pyramid (PY-Tetra-001)-HiVibes Collective

Tetrahedron Pyramids

Red Aventurine and Red Jasper Orgone Pyramid w/Double Wire Spiral (PY-008)-HiVibes Collective

One-Of-A-Kind Pyramids

Design A Pyramid-HiVibes Collective

Design Your Own Pyramid