A true Orgonite pendent consists of three things: resin, organic material and  inorganic material. Organic material can be stones, crystals, flowers, or any other item created in nature. Inorganic material consists of any type of metal or combination of metals. Organic and inorganic materials are placed in alternating layers in the resin.

You can add other specialty items to your pyramid as well. Some of the additional items we offer are opaque and transparent resin colors, wire-wrapped crystal quartz, wire spirals, sacred geometry stickers, etc.


The creator adds layers from the back starting with the chain, then the bail (which connects the chain to the pendant). We offer several styles and colors to match your pendant. You may want to match the chain and bail color with the metal color for a consistent look. Rose Gold works well with Copper and Pink Brass metals, Gold, Brass and Antique Brass work well with Brass metals, Silver works well with Aluminum metals, etc.

The back layer of resin can be blank or you can add an opaque or transparent color to the resin. The transparent colors will allow the next layer to be seen through it.

The next layer consists of the inorganic material (metals). We have many metal types in several looks including powdered metal, small shavings and chunks. These options will be limited to stock on hand and our stock changes regularly. 

The next layer is the organic materials (stones/crystals). You can choose small or large stones. Small stones will cover the back layer, with a little of the metal showing through. Large stones will be centered in the middle of the pendant or in the best looking spot around whatever sacred geometry sticker you might have chosen. The large stones will not cover the entire surface so a lot of the metal layer will show through. This also gives it more of a 3D effect, which is really cool. Please note some of the larger stones are also deep, which means some of the stone may show through the back of pendant or even possibly have a hump on the back of the pendant.

The front layer is the specialty item layer. You can add sacred geometry stickers, wire designs or other fun items. Depending on the shape of pendant you choose, the specialty items will differ. You can also leave this layer blank if you don’t want any specialty item.

Some of the sacred geometry stickers can be placed in different directions based on where I attach the bail. Some of these stickers include Yin Yang, Metatron’s Cube, Flower of Life, etc. Some can be placed with the point at the top or the flat area at the top. You are welcome to leave notes letting us know if you have a preference.




You can add opaque resin to the back layer only. The opaque color may or may not allow any of the metal layer to show through. Not all opaque colors are truly opaque.

You can add transparent-colored resin to any layer. Colored resin will change the look/color of the stones and the metal. Not only do you get the vibration from the stone or metal, but you also get the vibration of the color as well.

If you want to enhance the look of the stone, add the same color of resin as the stone color. For example, use Violet or Blue Violet when using Amethyst. Use Yellow or Lemon Yellow when using Citrine. Use Orange when using Carnelian. Some of the lighter stones such as Citrine and Crystal Quartz will disappear inside the clear resin. By coloring to match or coloring to contrast the stones, you can bring out the visibility of the your stones better.

If you want to color the metal layer, the Aluminum is a great choice of metal to use. It’s neutral color allows the resin color to change its look. If you add Blue Violet to the Aluminum, it will turn the Aluminum purple. The colors on the other metals will take on the base color as well. For instance, the brass will always have it’s own yellowish tint plus whatever resin color you choose. It still looks cool, but the resin color will change based on the base color of the metal.



When choosing the opaque or transparent colors for the resin, you can add notes to let us know how opaque or how transparent you want it. These colors are either in liquid or powder form and we can regulate how much we add. We will try to follow your instructions, but keep in mind, it might not be exactly how you picture it in your mind.

These pyramids are one of a kind. All the organic and inorganic materials we add are also one of a kind; different shapes, sizes and color. The colorings we add may not be exactly as pictured. Monitors are different and the amount of coloring we add is based on any requests and a little luck.


If you want to switch between specialty items on different layers, but the creator isn’t cooperating, change the visible item to “No Design”, then choose the specialty item you want. It should show up properly. If not, please contact us so we can help you or press the “reset” button to start fresh.

 If you want a certain look or something that you can’t do with the creator, please contact us to discuss and make sure it is something we can do for you. You can also make notes to describe what you want. Add your phone number so we can call you and confirm your desires.